Pen Quran (16 GB) in Pakistan

Price: 5,499.00

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The Pen Quran (16 GB) is popular among Muslims to listen, read or learn the Koran at any time and anywhere. With audio CDs and headphones. The most attractive part of the Quran pen in the Pakistan apparatus is that it starts reading from where you want, by pointing the device to any sura / verse of the Quran.

Pen Quran


Quran reading pen
12 GB flash memory (built-in)
TF card slot
A USB connection allows the user to connect with the computer
User-friendly designed, high-quality sound
Voice and reader combination feature
Tafsir Jalalin (Arabic) The Quran Tafsir (Somali)
Statement of the Holy Quran (Urdu) by Dr. Israr Ahmed
The interpretation of Jalal (Arabic)
Talim Quran (Urdu) by Farah al-Hashemi
Tafahim Al-Kuran (Urdu) By Sayed Adulala Mudoudi
Directory of Hajj and Umrah
speaking Dictionary

Pen Quran (16 GB) Price in Pakistan 5499/- Only

Pen Quran (16 GB) in Pakistan

Price: 5,499.00

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